Cockpitcrew – A Desert Trip (Live Performance)

Cockpitcrew returns with an Electronica Live Album , played and recorded live for Cologne and NRWision TV. All tracks are based on rough Elements but very moody Soundscape and gives you a cosy and beautiful Sofa trip into the endless hot Sands & Winds of the Desert.


Track Info

Kalahari‘ is the Opener and your journey into the Desert. Cosy Synths and a groovy 303 picks you up and let you dream of dunes before the beats take you into a head moving mood.  


Sands & Winds‘ comes with  deep rough and dirty analogue electronic hardware Synths  that gives you a feeling about how hard and hot the Desert can be. The soft and cosy creamy Moog Lead, the classical and ethnical instruments and the epochal choirs take you on a trip far away in an unreal wonderful silent world.


Sahara‘ welcomes you with a calm sounds and far eastern female voices from somewhere beyond the wide sands and a well created cinematic but also a cosy atmosphere before it leads you into the groove, the rough bass and the floating 303 into the hot sands and never ending walk into the wild and rough but also silent landscapes of the Sahara Desert.


Fata Morgana‘  is an Ambient Synth track with evolving pads, like a dream, cosy and warm but also like the nights in the desert just rough and cold.


Atacama‘ is based on metallic synth bass leads, morphed organ sounds, swelling pads and the creamy wonderful sound of a Moog. This combination shows you the wonders of a desert when flora and fauna flourish and desert wildlife comes to life.


Namib‘ desert is the oldest desert in the world and is considered to be one of the most inhospitable areas on earth due to its drought, frequent sandstorms and extreme temperature fluctuations. The reason for the extreme aridity of the Namib Desert is due to the very cold ocean currents near the coast. Dark synth pads, a 303 biting through the song and unreal creamy synth leads should take you into this unreal world


Road Trip‘  combines a jazzy and moody  Concert Grand Piano, a wonderful crying Violin and the sounds of a rough Bassline Lead to give you a feeling about a Car Road Trip on unpaved roads within any desert.


Taklamakan‘  is known as the second biggest sand dessert of the Earth. The residents say go in and you never come out, place of no return or desert of death. The song drags on with unreal harmonies and quirky synth elements of modular synths and some floppy downbeats.


A Desert Trip‘ performed and recorded live in Juli 2022 at lsb.TV Cologne. The entire concert contains all tracks of the Album and as Bonus the Track ‘Amajuba Okuthula‘ released as Original Mix with Traum Schallplatten – Tour De Traum XXIII as continues live Performance.


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