Music is the Art of thinking with sounds. We reflect our understanding of sophisticated Music with a variety of different Genres. It might not be the standard, and it might be mixed up in various genres, and it might not be what you know from all around the globe. It is inspired by the passion of our Artists and their creative imagination and fantasy! Our Artists are free-minded, individual and unique Sound & Music Creators and prefer providing their music as it is. Most of them are Performing Artists, others are only Producers or Songwriters. But all are individual people with an individual taste. We are now serving all kinds of Music Genres. Learn more about the Genres we serve here.

Our Music doesn’t want to deliver a standard, but it always has something unique, idiosyncratic and individual. That’s what we call  Music is the art of thinking with sounds! The Art of creating music was always in the foreground. It was our primary goal to get great music and it was not a matter of who made it. Artistic freedom was always the most important point

As a Non Profit Label we also focus on the support of new extraordinary talented artists. Many Artists deliver great and extraordinary  music  but struggle in parts of technical issues like the Mixdown or maybe arrangement and song progression. Often those unfinished songs could be Gems, but many labels decline those unpolished Gems. If an Artist needs help, we help him to finish his work as best we can.

We know, not everybody is a Top Mixing Engineer or has the big Budget for a major Recording or Production Session. So if it is required we give a hand to polish and finish the Artists work. Beside that we are also involved in the Sophisticated Culture Foundations “Artist Funding” and “Artist Development & Support” Projects. You can read more about our Non Profit Pathway here.

With our internal policies we want to ensure to be a label for the Artists. That means we want to be approachable for interested Artists. We treat all artists equally. We are open for extraordinary newcomers and support them. This we combine with Releases from already established and international well known artists and make it possible for all artists to collaborate. It is important for us that we also have a fair demo policy. If you are an artist you can send your demos here.

Beside our regular way to release music on all known Download Stores and Streaming Services, we also focus on releasing all our music as Non Fungible Tokens known as NFT´s. Beside that we  get engaged in Web3  and the Metaverse to connect with Artists and offer Artists also a Stage within the Metaverse.


Our History goes back into the early 90ies and has been founded as Axis Red Posse (1993). With this brand we held countless Events as Promoters with around 5 DJ´s and 25 Members. One of the Members, later known as Andy Moon, created Axis Red Records (2002) and released music on Vinyl. From then we were part of many known events or became Co-Promoter of  Loveparade After Events like the legendary Unity Rave (1996/97). With our own floors like on Nature One, Ruhr in Love we created a big fanbase far away from Web 2.0 and any Social Media Funnels. Later we had the big honor to get our own Loveparade Trucks  as well on the  Swiss Street Parade. Sometimes it happens that very best friends or o group of people with similar interest  goes parted ways and Axis Red came to an end. Andy Moon and some of his friends decided to continue the Label work and founded something new.

We renamed the label to [Viːaiˈpiː] music (2004). The way it was written is the meaning of VIP as phonetic spelling. We where young and thought it sounds like a great name for the new ways the Internet just came up with. But we realized that this name was not easy to type and we could not really find in on the internet, and even the way the stores wrote it was very different, so we had to find a new name for our Label. Another chapter in learning for us.


We called the Label Art Unnamed (2006) because for some reason we always were focused on exploring undiscovered talents with extraordinary skills. The Art of electronic music was always in the foreground. It was our primary goal to get great music and it was not a matter of who made it. Artistic freedom was always the most important point, and the very first thoughts of this label was to release music as “white label vinyls” without to name the label, the artists or the track titles and just let the art speak. That way we released 25 “Art Unnamed White Labels” all with 2000 copies and distributed them as limited white labels to worldwide record stores. Most of them where highly demanded and got sold like butter for a while. But the electronic music scene changed, Vinyl nearly died, more of our delivered Record Stores closed, Mp3 made the race and DJ´s became more and more global superstars, so we changed our minds added the artist names to the releases, created our Logo and  officially released 26 EP´s, 3 Albums and 3 Limited Edition Vinyl EPs until end of 2021.

Nowadays (since January 2022) Art Unnamed is part of the Sophisticated Culture Foundation and all profits from our part of the split goes into the work of the Foundation. In Mai 2022 we revamped everything, new Logos, new Design for Covers a new Website and we launched the new pathway.

The Foundation is oriented in Multi Genres and supports music cross-genre from classical music to jazz, rock, pop, indie, alternative, singer-songwriter to electronic music or black Music. But electronic music is still a big portion of our work and our dedicated Label Brands “Art Unnamed Deep” “Art Unnamed Lounge” “Art Unnamed EDM” and our “Sophisticated Culture Radio” on Laut.fm focusing on electronic music of all varieties. The Main Label “Art Unnamed” focuses on more commercial multi Genre Releases.


Our Founder back in the days and current Label Manager is Andy Moon, he also created the Slogan “Music is the Art of thinking with Sounds” and even nowadays we feel this is our Slogan. 

He is a Music Producer, Composer, DJ & Live Act and Recording Artist. He is a sound and groove Shaman, prudent visionary and creative cross-thinker with the ability „to think in sounds“ and create something new, something exciting, something extraordinary.

Andy has been a producer, sound engineer, composer, DJ, performing artist and Live Act for almost 30 years and has written, published, released or produced over 120 productions and projects. With international appearances as a band musician, electronic music live act and DJ, he played from small clubs to large festivals on the international stages of the world.


Ibiza like Space, Bora Bora, Oceanbeat or Punta Arabi, Zrce Beach, Rock im Park, Loveparade Aftershow Events like Unity Rave, or known Festivals like Nature One, Ruhr in Love and well known Clubs like Boiler Room or U60311 and many more countless international references adorn his vita. He was also honored to have his own Loveparade Trucks in Berlin, Germany or the Street Parade in Switzerland with our former Brand Axis Red Records.

Many of his tracks are released on different labels like Traum Schallplatten, Natura Viva, Art Unnamed, Axis Red, LW Recordings, More Music just to name a few.

Beside that he has an SAE Audio Engineering Diploma and extended his studies with an Bachelor Degree in Audio Production including Music Marketing and Music Business Administration from the Middlesex University in London. He runs his own state-of-the-art recording studio, which he now makes available to the Foundation’s work free of charge. Andy was born 1977 in Nürnberg Germany. He studied Audio Engineering at the renowned School of Audio Engineering (SAE) and graduated with a Audio Engineering Diploma. He continued his studies at the Middlesex University in London and graduated with an Upper Second Class Bachelor of Arts with honors in Audio Production. 

As a producer and songwriter he worked for for EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music ATV but also for well-known music labels. Some of his music is synced to corporate music, commercials and to international films, documentary or series or has been used in Theater. Some of his composed music made it into productions on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, TV-Shows or music in Games

This all is part of his artistic work as a Producer and performing artist since 1992 and he still works with an arsenal of analogue sound production equipment and semi-modular systems. Andy plays several instruments and is an avowed synthesizer collector.

Andy is a Radio Host and can be heard on his  “Tiefton” Radio Show  every 4th Saturday per month at Radio Z 95,8 MHz / DAB+ (North Bavaria) and 24/7 on his curated laut.fm Station for  the Sophisticated Culture Foundation. 

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