To give you a better overview of our Labels within our Music Section, or when you see them on your prefered Store or Music Streaming Service, we give you a brief overview of our Labels here. You can easily identify the respective Genres and Labels by the Logos. Those Logos are present somewhere on each of our Covers. If you are a Producer or Artist you will like it that Demo Submission is always open for all of our Labels. Please check the details for Demo Submissions before sending your music. 


Art Unnamed is our new new Main Label 

Art Unnamed Genres are focused on everything more Mainstream from Pop, Rock, Blues, Singer Songwriter, Black, Hip Hop Indie, Alternative, Commercial Electronic Dance Music, Classic Music and Cinematic Score due to our relationship to some Hollywood Directors and Producers for Music Releases in and for Film, Series and Documentary.

Release Start: Autumn 2022

Demo Submission: Open


With our Underground electronic  Music Imprint Art Unnamed Deep, we reflect our understanding of Melodic Techno, Deep House, Techhouse, Deep Tech House, Afro House, Organic House, and of course Techno and House. 

The Label has a long history back into the late 90ies and was founded by Andy Moon. It might not be the standard, and it might be mixed up in various genres, and it might not be what you know from all around the globe. It is inspired by the passion of our Artists and their imagination and fantasy!  We love electronic music, the  variation of several genres and tastes, but most likely we prefer it with some melodic parts or sometimes tribal grooves or elements from indigenous and world music. Our understanding of Underground Electronic Music doesn’t want to deliver a standard, we expect something unique, idiosyncratic and individual. That’s what we call sophisticated electronic music or music is the art of thinking with sounds!

Demo Submission: Open


Art Unnamed Lounge is our new Boutique Label for all kinds of Easy Listening Music for relaxed listening at home, in your car or wherever you want to listen to pleasant sounds while chilling. Demo Submissions are open from now

The Genres we focus on are, Easy Listening, Lounge Music, Ambient, Electronica, Dub, Nu-Jazz, Nu-Disco, Downtempo as well as New modern Classic Music and all subgenres of Jazz Music.

Release Start: Juli 2022

Demo Submission: Open


Art Unnamed EDM is our new Electronic Dance Music Label for Electro, Trance, progressive House, Bass House, Dubstep, Jackin House, Dance and  Electro Pop. 

Release Start: Juli 2022

Demo Submission: Open


Art Unnamed Rocks serves all harder and more non commercial Genres of Rock, Indie, Alternative, Blues, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock and more. Demo Submissions are open from now.

Release Start: Early 2023

Demo Submission: Open

Non Profit Compilation


Sophisticated Culture Foundation Compilations will be focused on one Compilation Release  including around 15-20 Tracks from new talents. This we combine with international well-known Artists on the same Compilation Release.  

Currently we focus on five Categories of Compilations. They are matching the Genres from our Labels above.

Mainstream on Art Unnamed

Underground Electronic Music on Art Unnamed Deep

Lounge & Easy Listening on Art Unnamed Listening

Rock, Alternative, Blues, Country on Art Unnamed Rocks

Electronic Dance Music on Art Unnamed EDM


All revenue from stream & sales will be donated to the Foundation. All Artists can choose how much of their revenue they like to contribute  for this compilation. But mostly this is 100%. 

Release Start: Winter 2022

Demo Submission: Open

Please advise in the Submission if you are willing to contribute to our Compilations and how much of your track revenue you like to keep or give.

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