Submission Guidelines

We look forward to, and enjoy receiving your demos – we do our very best to listen to all incoming demos. But of course we cant sign every submission. So please be patient, we try to get back to every submission within 3 weeks. Please make sure you inform yourself about the Genres we looking for.

There are a few guidelines to help make it more manageable for you and us and increase the chance of us listening to your submission:

1. Use our official Submission form below  for Demo Submissions: Please keep in Mind, we are real people and would like to receive a personal message from you, at least we give you the option below. Send your submission with your meaningful and expressive introduction!

2. Please allow 3 weeks for us to respond! We respond regardless the outcome!

3. Only use cloud based services like  Soundcloud “hidden” Playlists or “hidden” Tracks, Dropbox, Google Drive , Microsoft Cloud or a folder on your Artists / Projects Website.

Do not use any services with a limited time of availability for your files. We mostly wont make it to download them within 7 days! Make sure your Files are available at least 4 weeks on that location. If possible please zip your files to one single download link. 

4. Keep your demo submission to a max of 4-5 original tracks. If you are a new artist we first start with a single track release or an EP. Albums are possible if they are stunning and extraordinary. But just send us the Top 5 Tracks out of  your Album. If we like them we ask for more. 

5. NO short versions of your tracks! We want to hear the full tracks! If your tracks are unfinished we might help you with the mixdown, but please advise in your introduction if your tracks are final or not finished. 

6. If using samples – make sure they are legal or cleared (we ask for a proof)!

7. Please let us know all your available social medias and website (if applicable).

8. Do not compress/master your tracks. We are looking for good dynamic range – not super loud, non-dynamic music. If we like your music then we will take care of all mastering requirements.

9. A short bio from you is appreciated. If you are just starting then let us know. It´s no shame to be a brand new Talent.

10. You see we offer a very detailed submission form, because we want  know as much as possible about you and your music. Let us know your thoughts about your tracks, how did you produced them, what equipment has been used. Whats about your musical and personal background. Be creative tell as who you are. We know its unusual to write a book, but we like to know more about you and your passion, not just the marketing relevant details.  Always remember its all about the music but also about your first introduction and who you are! On our Label you are an individual person and not just a number or a product!

11. Track & Album Naming Policy

If possible please name every single track


Mixdowns or Premasters at least 44.1 khz 16 bit with  -6 to -3  db Headroom.  Gentle artistic Master Bus Compression is fine but no Compression war please! We love Dynamic.  48khz / 24 bits or higher is appreciated but please do not scale them up or down – send us your songs as you have recorded them!

If you are sending several tracks for an EP or Album make sure they are in the same “hidden” Soundcloud Playlist (allow download tracks option on each track). 

If sending with Google Drive | Dropbox (or similar) make sure your Single | Album | EP is available in one folder including your documents you like to share with us. Grant rights to download the files please.

12. Make sure our Domain / is on your White List for our reply by Email

13. We do not accept any submissions that can be found online to the public on Soundcloud  , Youtube or any other public presentation Service. (Snippets in a low quality up to 30% of your Song durations are fine)

14. We are looking for Original Songs. No Covers, no Remixes or Bootlegs (Remixes of your own Original Songs as addition to the Original Songs are fine)

15. Please, and we really mean that serious, do NOT send any packagessnail mail or  any letters even if they smelling of roses to one of our offices! The reason is simple. Our A&R Team does work remotely all over the globe and accessing our Intranet to review your submissions. 

We looking forward to hear your music!

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