Andre  Ritter – Directions

Andre Ritter joins Art Unnamed Lounge with his stunning Electronica EP. Great Downbeats with a huge Atmosphere produced with his modular and analogue Synths. Andre has an PhD in Physics and his passion for Sound Design is a way to help him ground himself.

And while the time of study was satisfying for his curiosity, he grew ever more detached from his own physical existence being focused on understanding reality. He kind of had achieved his childhood dream but at the same time he had lost it Painfully realizing that his mind is not to be detached from his physical existence, Andre welcomed it back with the abundance of experiences it would bring he let music into his life again but now focusing on creating it instead of ‘just’ playing it. Art and especially music helps him to find the balance between the world of logic and the world of dreams. And Andre thinks this struggle between both worlds influences the music that he creates.

Global Release 11 | 08 | 2022


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