All New

New Website, Logos & Pathway

23rd of May, 2022

All New

We are glad to present our new Website today! We spent a lot of time creating a new clean and informational Website that aims to provide all information about Art Unnamed and its music. It will give a brief overview about all past releases with links to our own Bandcamp Shop and of course also to prominent Stores and Services. Our upcoming Music will be available in over 500 international digital Stores and Steaming Providers. So we are sure that nearly every part of the world is covered and can get our music and discover our Artists. 

New Logos

After many years of using the same Corporate Identity we thought it is time to get us some new Logos. We spent several hours and an intense brainstorming of what our new logos should look like. Finally, today we present our new Logos and Corporate  Identity.  Here you will find all official Logos and as well our new Sub Labels with different music Genres.

New Pathway

As you might have noticed, we are now a Non Profit Label and belong to the Sophisticated Culture Foundation. That does not mean that our music is for free. We just take our portion of the net revenue reduced by operational costs  and contribute it at 100% into the projects of the Sophisticated Culture Foundation. Artists can also decide now if they want to contribute and share some or eve all  of their net revenue to the work of the Foundation. As we are a part of the overall objectives and take care of the entire Label and release  Department of the Foundation we are also delighted to use some of the funds to make our part of the goals happen. 

We now serve nearly all kinds of music genres, but for all who know us as an electronic music label, no worries, we keep the tradition and Art Unnamed Deep will be still releasing sophisticated electronic underground music.  

Beside our traditional way to distribute music as digital downloads and streaming services we even consider releasing some of our upcoming releases again as physical releases. And new now is, we entering Web3 and coming up with ALL new and some past Releases as NFT´s (Non Fungible Tokens). Stay tuned, shortly we will publish our NFT Store.


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