Sending Demos

How to send us your Demo?

You are a electronic music producer and think your music fits to us? Wonderfull because we´d like to hear from you. To make it easy for both of us please only use the form below. We will get back to you normally within one or two weeks maximum three weeks if we are very busy with our own music productions. Easy as that!

    • Do not send us any Download Links or postal packages. We are sure you running a Soundcloud Profile. So please use the  Private Link Option of your Soundcloud Account and add this link to the form below.
    • Let us know some about you. Dont write a book only some basic information is Ok for the initial contact. We dont care if you are DJ XY or Richie Hawtin – let your music speak for you! If your music drives and moves us – we ask for more! Its all about the music – please remeber that.
    • What we like to know is how did you produced your songsß So please explain a little about your production equipment and techniques you used in this songs.
  • What we like to know aswell is your Artist Name, where you based in the world  and some of your social media pages and – if applicable – are you a DJ or Live Performer?
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